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To help save time, most of the common questions visitors ask are listed below along with the answer. Also please check the help pages for other general queries on reservations and cancellations.
If you still require assistance contact us using the links at the bottom of this page.

  • How do I cancel a reservation? - Find the hotel where the reservation was made by searching from the home page then scroll to the bottom of the hotel brochure page and click the link labelled "How to Cancel". You will be prompted to enter your e-mail address. This will return a list of active reservations from which you can select the booking which is to be cancelled.

  • Can my children stay with us in a double room? - Most hotels will allow a child up to about 14 years of age to stay in a double room with their parents. Hotel policies will usually state the age at which a child will be charged as an adult (E.g. children under 14 stay free). When making a double room reservation simply enter into the Comments/Notes box that a child will accompany you and include the name and age of the child. The hotel will ensure there is a temporary bed/cot in the room on your arrival. Please contact us if you have several children as a second room may be required.

  • When will my card be charged? - In most cases your credit card will NOT be charged until you check-out of the hotel after your stay (or if you cancel the room or fail to turn up) Hotels which charge immediately will specify this in the terms and conditions which accompany the hotel description on the brochure pages.

  • What if I do not receive a confirmation at the time of booking or a blank screen comes up?
    Please wait a few moments and check your email as you should have received the confirmation via email. If not then please contact a customer care representative and we will check. It may be that the booking was made just you mistyped your email address or the booking failed for some other reason.

If you still need to contact a representative then please send us an e-mail by clicking here

For telephone reservations please call 0870 240 7060 and quote reference "FIN" to take advantage of the rates advertised

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